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Our Philosophy

At RAAI, we aim to provide high-quality construction designs without compromising our clients’ financial objectives. This means designing practical, appealing buildings that have great value and are a sound investment.

Visuals and Marketing

Visual marketing is becoming an increasingly important tool for architects in real estate development and construction projects. RAAI is able to complement the conceptual design stage of any project with services such as brand establishment, highly detailed illustrations and interactive presentations, delivered across multiple platforms such as print, Web and various other forms of digital media.

Allowing the same people who design the architecture and construction documents to develop the brand and the promotional material ensures that the brand remains true to the original concept and is consistent across all media.

Experienced Ottawa Architects

Here at Rossmann Architects and Associates we offer friendly, professional and reliable design services to the Ottawa area. We pride ourselves on our work putting all of our experience and expertise into every project to make sure you get the quality of work that you expect. Rossmann Architects makes sure that the project you have imagined is put onto paper and created with all your ideas and creativity being incorporated. We work with you, to make your dream a reality.

Sustainability in Ottawa Architecture

Sustainability is of the utmost importance at Rosmann Architects and Associates Inc. We feel that sustainable design not only makes us environmentally responsible but also guarantees a project’s financial viability. As architects and LEED-accredited professionals, we incorporate sustainable practices into every project.

The National Capital Region’s climate presents several challenges for architects, and it is important to realize that not all design options can be viable. We opt for design solutions that are appropriate for each region and celebrate the project’s identity within its environment. By embracing a region’s climate and not imposing itself on it, we ensure that a building will indefinitely remain a testament to good design.

Our Featured Projects

As Ottawa architects, we use current technology to develop a unique design approach focused on delivering sustainable and economically viable structures to our clients. Our awareness of modern building trends, combined with our state-of-the-art visualization and data modeling tools, allows us to ensure that a client’s investment will be a profitable one.

  • Urbania Square

    Urbania Square

  • Merlin Residence

    Merlin Residence

  • Résidences de L’ile

    Résidences de L’ile

  • Distillery District Condominiums

    Distillery District Condominiums

    In collaboration with Woodman Architect & Assoc. Ltd

  • H&M Place du Royaume

    H&M Place du Royaume

  • Marriott Residence Inn

    Marriott Residence Inn

    In collaboration with Woodman Architect & Assoc. Ltd

  • Williams Court Apartment

    Williams Court Apartment

    DCYSA, E.Rossmann Project Architect

  • Kanata Lakes Community Center

    Kanata Lakes Community Center

    DCYSA, E.Rossmann Project Architect

  • Greco Fitness

    Greco Fitness

Proudly Serving Ottawa and Gatineau

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