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A Service & an Investment

RAAI is an experienced and innovative team of architects, technologists and specialized consultants offering a one-stop solution for investors, builders, business owners and home owners.

We use current technology to develop a unique design approach focused on delivering sustainable and economically viable structures to our clients. Our awareness of modern building trends, combined with our state-of-the-art visualization and data modeling tools, allows us to ensure that a client’sinvestment will be a profitable one.

We offer personalized service, making our team available to our clients to make sure our services fulfill their needs, meet their expectations and respect their budget.We serve clients in both French and English.

Furthermore, we have extensive experience in managing and coordinating all phases of a construction project. We make projects virtually risk-free by solving problems before they occur. Our clients can rest assured that their projects will be completed on time and on budget.

What our clients can expect:

  • Personalized service
  • Exemplary design
  • Maximum value
  • Minimum construction costs; and
  • Low construction risks
Rossmann Team

Organic Design for Northern Climates

In our harsh, cold climate, not all possible design solutions are adequate or optimal. I believe that an architectural response should celebrate its climate, not resist or impose itself on it. By embracing its weather and geographical context, a building will not only shine in durability and sustainability but also in its expression, comfort and financial returns. If we let nature show us the way, like a tree that adapts to the place and climate in which it grows, architecture can adapt to the place and climate where it is built. So is our understanding of organic architecture. Scandinavian architects have for centuries demonstrated that a sophisticated response to their northern climates is durable and technically advantageous and can also be the source of a building’s beauty, comfort, and prestige. We believe that as Canadian architects, we can and should strive to attain the same level of architectural response to our similar climate.

Erik Rossmann
Erik Rossmann
Principal Achitect
Erik Rossmann graduated from Carleton University in 2006 and has since worked for notable firms such as NORR limited and DCYSA (now NEUF). Erik’s unique investment-driven approach to practicing architecture combined with his expertise in high density development, high-rise buildings and large federal office fit-ups, makes him uniquely qualified to lead his team of experts in projects of all types and sizes.
 Sylvain Bériault
Sylvain Bériault
Senior Architectural Technologist/Project Manager
Sylvain has 20 years of experience in the architecture and construction industries. He is an expert in Building Information Modeling(BIM) and Computer Assisted Design(CAD). Sylvain is renowned among his peers for his attention to detail and his ability to elaborate clear and thorough contract documents.
Adam Naubert
Adam Naubert
Director of IT and Digital Media
With his unique background in computer graphics, animation and interactive multimedia programming, Adam brings a technical artist’s expertise to architectural visualization. With experience acquired in companies such as Electronic Arts and Vinci Education, Adam consistently delivers highly refined work under the most challenging circumstances and deadlines.
 Patrick Rutherford
Patrick Rutherford
Senior Architectural Technologist/ Project Manager
Patrick has exceptional management skills and a proven background in the construction and building materials industries. During his 18 year tenure with the now retired firm of Katz and Ritchie, Patrick developed a unique blend of institutional, commercial and office renovation project experience.
 Sara Rossmann
Sara Rossmann
Accounts Manager/ Executive Assistant
Sara manages office finances, invoicing and communications. She also works diligently to make sure our office is well equipped and runs smoothly.
Andrew Alajouri
Andrew Alajouri
Technologist and Assistant Project Manager
Andrew has years of experience elaborating plans that incorporate building information modeling practices and specializes in heritage building preservation and conservation. He provides outstanding service to our clients in the areas of computer-aided design, code compliance and cost estimating.