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Custom Homes in Ottawa

Ottawa is currently a hub for custom homes, with people all over the city constructing new buildings. Many are replacing their century old homes downtown, and replacing them with new, custom homes. A newly built house on prime real estate in Ottawa is one of the smartest investments you can make, and RAAI has the experience with custom homes that you’re looking for.

Our Philosophy on Custom Homes

At RAAI, we aim to provide high-quality construction designs without compromising our clients’ financial objectives. Our philosophy on custom homes is no different; we strive to design practical, appealing buildings that have great value and are a sound investment. On top of Rossmann Architects and Associates Inc.’s philosophy we believe in taking our clients ideas and concepts, and turning them into a reality.

Ottawa Architects

Ottawa Architects

Design Methods for Custom Houses

Our design methods are unique for each and every custom house. Every project brings its own unique set of demands, and here at RAAI we are extremely adaptable. We react to every custom house, working in the most efficient manner for the project.

It all starts from the first meeting with the client, where we lay out their ideas, requirements, and vision for their custom house. We get an idea of what you’re looking for in your custom house and go from there.

Custom Houses are Our Specialty

RAAI has designed a number of different custom houses, and are a specialty of our architects. One of the most difficult aspects of designing a custom house is the pricing. The accuracy of estimates and designing a custom house within a desired price range is always a concern.

As our philosophy states, we strive to work within your budget and develop a custom house that that meets your every expectation. Every project we work on acts as an ambassador of our work, no matter the size of your custom house RAAI will deliver a practical, appealing home.

Sustainability in Custom Houses

Sustainability in Ottawa is critical, and RAAI is on the forefront of sustainable design. Sustainability guarantees the financial viability of custom houses, making them a worthwhile investment that will keep their value years down the road.

As architects, and LEED-accredited professionals, we incorporate sustainable practices into every custom house we design. We focus our design on solutions that work for the individual project, as every custom house is unique.

There are many different solutions that can be incorporated into every custom house, and here at Rossmann we believe in working in the solutions that are practical. Not every sustainable solution work for every project and we hand pick the solutions that will benefit you, the client.

You can have your very own custom house, with modern day sustainable design, all within your budget. Contact Rossmann today, and we can help you with the first step.

Ottawa Architects