Is a Custom Home Right For You?
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Where Can I Find Custom Homes in Ottawa?

01Custom homes can be found all over Ottawa, from Stittsville to Orleans.  If you have ever spent some time walking through the Glebe or Centretown areas looking at some of the architectural designs, you’ll notice an increasing trend towards modern and novel custom home designs.

With land selling at a premium all throughout Ottawa, it’s no surprise people are willing to invest more into building something unique.

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a stroll through the Glebe on one of Ottawa’s sunny days and pay attention to the design of the houses find.

You will likely be enlightened to see a variety of custom homes as well as many recent renovation and addition projects.

What Are the Advantages and Benefits Of Building A Custom Home?

07There are a number of advantages of building a custom home instead of buying a standard home.  Standard houses are all built the same, without the specific needs of you and your family in mind.  You fit your family into a standard house, not the other way around.  With custom houses you build a home around your family, you fit the house to your needs.The advantages of building a custom home are immense; such as being able to build a home to fit more efficiently on your property, as well as ensure it has everything you’re looking for within it.  Custom homes give you the opportunity to truly have your dream home.  A custom home will also make your home significantly more attractive when it comes to the value of your property on the resale market.  In addition to providing you with the perfect home to live in, custom homes also provide a quantifiable return on your investment.

Is a Custom Home Right For Me?


If you want a home that fits you and your family perfectly, or you’re looking for an investment that will continue to grow, then a custom home may be right for you.

Custom homes vastly increase the value of your property, and provide a worthwhile return if you ever choose to sell.

If you were instead looking to build the perfect home for your family; a custom home is always the right choice. You can build the home you want for your family that will last for decades.

How Do I Get Started Building a Custom Home?

There are many steps to building a custom home, but first you need to get an idea of what you are looking for.  Evaluating some of the other homes that are in your neighborhood is a good place to start.

If you have an idea of what you’re looking for, then our team here at Rossmann Architects and Associates will happy to meet with you for a consultation and let you determine if our services will be right for you.  We help clients, every step of the way.

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