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Eric Rossmann
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Erik Rossmann – Education and Experience

Eric RossmannErik Rossmann graduated from Carleton University in 2006 with his masters in architecture, and has since worked for a number of notable firms such as NORR Limited and DCYSA (now NEUF).

Now, at the helm of his own architecture firm, he brings valuable years of experience to every project RAAI completes.

An Ottawa Architect with a Focus on ROI

Rossmann Team

Buying a custom house is an investment, and as a businessman and Ottawa architect Erik understands the importance of providing every client with a notable return on investment.

Erik has a focus on projects that will vastly increase in value over time, and with his investment driven approach you can be assured your building or home will also be built with the anticipation to appreciate in value over time as well.

Erik is a key figure in Ottawa architecture, having worked on projects all over the city.

His attention to detail, focus on quality and return on investment are core values that permeate throughout Rossmann Architects and Associates Inc.

Erik’s Specialties and Strengths

Erik is a well versed architect with experience in a number of fields.

He is one of Ottawa’s leading architects, with expertise in high density development, high-rise buildings, large federal office fit-ups as well as custom homes.

With Erik’s strengths and specialties he can be relied on for any project.

Erik is an expert at effectively managing a team, promoting efficiency and ensuring accuracy for every project for every client.

As an effective leader he brings the team together to operate with the same core values and work ethic that he is well known for.

Rossmann Office

Contact us today to find out what Rossmann Architects and Associates can do for you.

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