Résidences de L’ile
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  • Name: Résidences de L’ile
  • Category: High Rise and Urban Design
  • Description:

This new 11 storey retirement residence is the latest addition to the Residence de L’Ile’s 3 building, 300 unit retirement community. The 3 storeybasilaire was conceived in keeping with the scale and character of the original neo-victorian presbytery completed in 1902.The lower volume is set back over 11 meters from the main street thereby allowing the existing stone building and former cathedral to maintain its prominence over the street. The higher portion of the building is set back an additional 6 meters to allow the views of the former cathedral’s spire from all directions. To give the building a consistent scale, a harmonious appearance and to break wind tunnels, the building’s side façade is divided into vertical sections by columns of balconies.

The building’s materials consists primarily of masonry and glass with subtle metallic accents. These metal accents have a copper color and a corrugated profile reminiscent of the oxidized copper cladding on the spire and roof of the adjacent former cathedral. The building is crowned by a mezzanine featuring two luxury penthouse units, a sporting club and a rooftop swimming pool.

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