Williams Court Apartment
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  • Name: Williams Court Apartment
  • Category: Multi-Unit Residential
  • Author: DCYSA, E.Rossmann Project Architect
  • Description:

The second building in a 5 building complex, this 10 storey residential building was the first in Ontario to be constructed using a specialized system of pre-insulated concrete panels. The building is interconnected with the other 4 residential buildings and a 2 level sporting club/community center. The building was conceived as a semi-classical structure with contemporary highlights including reflective windows and wood-resin panels. The building’s architecture was nominated for the Ontario Home Builders Award for best mid-rise building.

Erik Rossmann, principal of RAAI was the project architect for this building under his former employer and mentor, Harry Yaghjian, retired principal at DCYSA in Montreal. Mr. Rossmann led the project from the presentations to the city and community, contract documents and through the entire construction.

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