What You Need To Know Before Hiring an Ottawa Architect
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Small kitchen Renovations
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What You Need To Know Before Hiring An Ottawa Architect

Have A Clearly Defined Idea

Perhaps the most important part of any remodeling or construction project is having a clear idea of what you want the end product to look like.  You don’t need all the details worked out, we recommend against that, but you should have a clear idea of the concepts, colours, and style you’re looking for.  Ottawa Architects are extremely well trained and experienced with design, and can often turn your project into something that exceeds your expectations as long as you provide the groundwork for your project.  Too many specifics can limit architects, and remaining flexible with your design is essential.  Often factors you don’t consider can prevent your project from turning out how you initially imagined it, such as structural requirements preventing you from taking out a wall completely.  Having a clear idea of what you want from the project, without being too restrictive in your requests allows for the best possible outcome.

Home Sketch


Set A Maximum Budget

With any project, having a set budget is vital.  It prevents scope creep, keeps the project focused, and all parties working towards a common goal.  Before hiring an architect you should have a clear idea of the maximum you’re willing to spend on the project.  The architect will be able to give you a better estimate on the total cost of your project; but without a maximum budget beforehand you can easily undertake a project you can’t afford.

Your Project Will Take Time

Every project takes time, and reputable Ottawa architects are often booked months in advance.  From start to finish your project will take time, from obtaining necessary permits to the drawings, and finally the construction.  Undertaking a major project is not a fast process, but the process is necessary for quality work that will last decades.

Architectural Drawing

Small kitchen Renovations

The Project Will Change Over Time

Over time projects morph and change for a wide variety of reasons.  Before you hire an architect you should come to terms with this fact.  It’s important you embrace changes and improvements, especially if they are recommendations from your architect.

Find The Right Architect For Your Project, And For You

Finding the right architect in Ottawa is critical for any project, and will help deliver the final product you’re looking for.  You will be working closely with the architect for an extended period of time, so finding an architect that has a similar style and taste is very important.  You need to find an architect that you get along with; you need to be able to work together towards common goals.  If an architect is harsh or impersonal they could be very difficult to work with, making the entire process more stressful, and ultimately, costly.

Keep your eye out for future blog articles on selecting the right architect!

Eric Rossmann

Finished Basement

The Architect Is The Expert

Keep in mind that all architects in Ottawa have years of experience in the field, and an impressive education.  They are experts in the field of design, and any smart home owner should use their architect’s knowledge, and respect their suggestions/opinions.  Before you hire any architect you should realize they’re the experts in the field, and that you should try to balance your demands with their suggestions.  This will result in the highest quality end project, with nothing forced into the project unnecessarily.  Your mindset is critical when working with other people, especially on a project that will cost thousands of dollars.

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